Hot News Component

20 Jan 2012
Hot News Component The Hot News component lets you publish news about your company, activity or industry. A website that is updated on a regular basis is reassuring for visitors and lets them know there is a real person behind the online store. You can create categories to organise your articles.

Here are a few examples of news articles you could publish:
Have there been any articles about your company in the press recently?

Will you be exhibiting at any upcoming trade shows or events?

Have you added any new products to your catalogue recently?

Have you signed a new contract or become the exclusive distributor for a new brand?

Have you won a prize or received an award with regard to your professional activity?

Example News Article

15 Jan 2012
Example News Article Mensarum enim voragines et varias voluptatum inlecebras, ne longius progrediar, praetermitto illuc transiturus quod quidam per ampla spatia urbis subversasque silices sine periculi metu properantes equos velut publicos signatis quod dicitur calceis agitant, familiarium agmina tamquam praedatorios globos post terga trahentes ne Sannione quidem, ut ait comicus, domi relicto. quos imitatae matronae complures opertis capitibus et basternis per latera civitatis cuncta discurrunt.

Example News Article

10 Jan 2012
Example News Article Ergo ego senator inimicus, si ita vultis, homini, amicus esse, sicut semper fui, rei publicae debeo. Quid? si ipsas inimicitias, depono rei publicae causa, quis me tandem iure reprehendet, praesertim cum ego omnium meorum consiliorum atque factorum exempla semper ex summorum hominum consiliis atque factis mihi censuerim petenda.

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