DCRS Two Way Radios - What is PMR446 ?

What is PMR446
PMR446 (Personal Mobile Radio, 446 MHz) is a radio frequency part of the UHF range that is open without licensing for usage in most countries of the European Union. Depending on surrounding terrain range can vary from a few hundred meters (in a city) to a few kilometers (flat countryside).

The range of PMR446, is dependent on many factors like environment, your height above surrounding obstructions and to a very much lesser extent weather conditions. The antenna type and location, transmit power and receive sensitivity also affect range. However with PMR446 most of these variables are fixed at manufacturing to comply with the PMR446 specifications.

Range may be many kilometres e.g. from hilltop to hilltop, or only a few hundred meters if for example a hilltop or large metal construction    are in the transmission path i.e. between radios.

Technical information
There are eight FM channels separated by 12.5kHz from each other. Per regulation, maximum power, like FRS, is 500m-FREEW EIRP and equipment must be handheld with a fixed antenna. CTCSS is usually used, with more upmarket models also featuring DCS.

Personal User
Bike Rides, Boating Camping, Hiking, Horse riding, Motorcycles, Paint-ball, Ski trips   , Sailing, Scouting, Shopping and Walking

Business User
Bars and clubs, Car    Parking, Children’s Nurseries, Event Organisation, Farming, Garden Centres, Hotels   , Large Shops, Roadwork Control, Schools   , Sports Centres and Warehouses…


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