Our Price Promise - Lowest Price Promise

We continually monitor the two-way radio market and the prices of our competitors in order to bring you, our customers the best value and cost. If you have seen an item advertised cheaper elsewhere and it is like for like we will do our utmost to match the price. However (but please) remember:

· Are they an Authorised Distributor?

· Are they a third party?

· Are they providing you with a genuine item?

· Can they give you 24/7 product support?

Simply email us with the product, price and where you saw the item to or alternatively call us on 0800 043 2688


While we endeavour to make sure any pricing, information & images relating to a product are 100% accurate,
there are occasions in this fast moving industry where pricing, product specifications and appearance change slightly and without our knowledge.
We accept no responsibility for any errors caused this way.